Plush Fabric

ST (Short Shiny Terry)

Short Shiny Terry

ST fabrics possess shorter loop on surface. ST fabrics show high gloss and good hook-and-loop fastening properties, suitable for disposable pads used in medical care and sport protection.

LT (LongShiny Terry)

Long Shiny Terry

Long Shiny Terry (LT) with longer loop and soft hand-feeling. It has the properties of gloss, better extension and thermal retention. Suitable for sports/medical protection accessories or the lining of diving suit and surfing-suit. Two sub-categories are shown as below.

LT-1 :
Nylon Plush with long loop makes its hand-feeling more comfortable. It features gloss, better extension and warmth-keeping.

LT-2 :
Same as Nylon Plush, but the elongation of both warp and weft is better than LT-1.

MP (Medical Plush Cloth)

Medical Plush

MP exhibits a sheen surface and loop. Good for sports protective equipment and medical care products etc.

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