CT Anti-Slip Textile

CT is a polyester fabric-based material which has been specially processed to be anti-slip. In addition, it can be laminated with a sponge to enhance flexibility, thermal protection and water resistance.

CT-K is an anti-slip material based on plan-woven polyester cloth which has been specially treated. The specific treatment facilitates the following self-adhering processing and die-cutting manufacture. It is especially suitable for anti-slip materials in indoor and sporting equipment parts.

CT Anti-Slip Textile

Coarse texture/rough to the touch, environmental friendly and can be cut into any shape or size.

Hazardous surfaces, such as tiles, metallic and wooden flooring...etc.

CT Anti-Slip Textile Self-Adhesive


CT-K/SA are materials based on CT-K substrates whose bottom parts have been further processed to be self-adhesive. In order to increase the convenience of usage, they can be cut as strips or sheets. Tailoring in accordance with customer's demands is also available.

Application: Anti-slip materials for stairs, floors, and slide vehicles.


Model Width (inch) Thickness (mm) Abrasion Stoll(cycles)
ASTM D-3886
CT-002-1 52″ 1.0±0.2 800
CT-005 52″ 1.0±0.2 800
CT-K05 52″ 0.8±0.2 800
CT-K05-1 52″ 1.0±0.2 800
CT-K12 52″ 0.8±0.2 800
CT-K12-1 52″ 1.0±0.2 800

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